Our Mission


It is the mission of Soldier’s Wish to identify and provide for the needs of veterans, service members, and their families, regardless of branch or rank. We provide direct resources that honor, support, and leave a sustainable impact on their lives. Additionally, Soldier’s Wish educates the public about the needs of the military community and strives to close the military-civilian divide.

Soldier’s Wish Values

Honor | Gratitude | Service


Purpose: Why are we here?  Soldier’s Wish is here to show our gratitude by providing direct service and support for veterans, service members, and their families to generate immediate results and create a sustainable impact.


Vision: What do we want to see? Soldier’s Wish wants to see veterans, service members, and their families feel honored, supported, and seen.

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Every day, military families live and breathe the meaning of service to their country. As of 2018, 18.2 million living veterans have served in at least one war. These service members understand all too well the sacrifices they and their families make during service and the long-lasting impact they face after.


Soldier’s Wish addresses the unmet needs of military veterans, active military personnel, and their families. Since 2013, Soldier’s Wish has granted more than $1 million in wishes to hundreds of veterans and their families in 27 states.

Soldier's Wish