Master Sergeant Christian Mcintosh

Almost thirty years of service in the Army have taken a heavy toll on MSG Christian McIntosh. Chris has endured many combat injuries during his time in Special Operations and is now in the process of medical retirement. 

In addition to the toll that service takes on military families, the McIntoshs were dealt another blow when Chris’s wife, Susanna, suffered a serious work injury. The accident broke both of her legs, and faced her with the possibility of amputation. Even worse, the accident cut their already struggling income by two-thirds. As if this was not enough for any family to endure, their family was shattered in June of 2015 when Chris and Susanna’s eighteen-year-old son was shot and killed. The mounting bills and expenses, the reduced income, and their great loss left the family hanging on for dear life.

At the Soldier’s Wish annual Night of Honor, Chris and Susanna were presented with a Wish for $7,500.00 to make much needed repairs to their Jeep, as well as to install a chairlift that allows Susanna access to the second floor of their home without the assistance of someone else. By giving back to this courageous family in this small way, all of the friends and supporters of Soldier’s Wish are expressing their gratitude and appreciation for Chris’s service, and for the many sacrifices he and his family have made over the years.


Soldier's Wish