Jared Smith Receives a New Laptop to Help Complete His Chemistry Degree

Jared Smith serves his country as a combat medic in the Army Reserves. He is also a husband, father of four young children, and a full-time student at Wichita State University. He is also the President of the Student Veteran Organization. Jared is excelling as a pre-med student and is almost finished with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

When Jared’s wife was in the hospital having their fourth child, Jared’s backpack was left on the kitchen counter and then accidentally pushed onto the stovetop.  One of his children turned on the stovetop. Fortunately, there was no fire. However, Jared’s backpack and the laptop inside didn’t survive. Purchasing a new laptop just wasn’t a financial possibility for the young family.

Thankfully, Soldier’s Wish and Subway partnered to provide Jared with a new laptop. Now he can finish his final year in school without the worry of a financial burden. His hard work and sacrifice are appreciated by us all.


Soldier's Wish