On May 20, 2013 SGT EH Pittman – knowing a massive storm was bearing down on the town of Moore, Oklahoma and the 7-Eleven where he worked – arrived to work early concerned for the safety and well-being of his coworkers.

After realizing that his store was in the direct path of an F5 tornado, he knew that there was no time to evacuate his 3 coworkers and 4 customers (including a woman and her baby). SGT Pittman took immediate action that would save lives.

He guided everyone into the restroom and unto the floor, where he covered some of them with his own body – serving as a shield – and held on to others serving as an anchors. The walls and roof caved in on then from the direct hit to the store. 

SGT Pittman’s heroic measures saved lives in the store that day, but not without a price. He received great bodily injury, including a puncture near his spine and numerous contusions and deep lacerations. SGT Pittman’s resilience and hope for the future exemplifies the spirit of a warrior. 

SGT Pittman’s heroism and disregard for his own well-being in the face of extreme danger saved lives that day. Soldier’s Wish and Central National Bank have awarded SGT Pittman with $5,000 to help meet his immediate needs.


Soldier's Wish