CWO Romy Camargo Receives the Gift of Mobility!

In 2008, Romy Camargo and his squad mates in the 7th Special Forces Group were ambushed in Afghanistan. Chief Warrant Officer 3 Camargo was hit in the neck by a bullet, leaving him completely paralyzed. His extensive injuries required multiple surgeries, and even after Romy began his recovery, doctors did not expect him to be able to breathe on his own.

Never one to give up, CWO Camargo attacked his rehab with the warrior spirit he demonstrated on the battlefield. Today, in addition to being off the ventilator and moving on with his life, he and his wife have started an organization working with other paralyzed and injured veterans to overcome the injuries they have suffered.

Soldier’s Wish found out that CWO Camargo had borrowed a track chair and used it for a few days and really enjoyed it. But because of his paralysis, he was not able to operate the controls. Instead, he had his young son sit in his lap and steer.  We provided Romy with a specially modified track chair that will allow him to steer by moving his head. This will allow him to once again go to the beach with his family and take back control of an important part of his life. The many friends of Soldier’s Wish made it possible for us to honor this Hero in this special way.


Soldier's Wish