Andrew Casillas Receives Help with His Studies

Andrew Casillas served in the United States Navy for four years. He served as an Operations Specialist on board the USS Normandy at the Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia. He played a vital role as the Surface Radar Coordinator in the Baltic Operations and Frank, UK, and U.S. missions.

After he served four years, he decided to pursue a degree in computer engineering. He earned his Associates of Science in Liberal Science from North Lake College in 2016. He is a good student and has maintained a 3.84 GPA and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa. He has also received several scholarships. He is hoping to continue his education, but such a challenging degree without a computer would be nearly impossible.

Soldier’s Wish and Subway helped this young scholar out by providing him with a new laptop. With his new high speed computer, he will surely thrive in his studies.


Soldier's Wish